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Full Whoop Options

One question that comes up a lot for people wanting to get started with a Whoop is what all they need to get started.  The short version of what you will need to get in the air and flying FPV with

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Two, Three, or Four Blade Tiny Whoop Propellers: What’s Best (With Numbers!)

One of the hot button issues in the Tiny Whoop community has always been: What’s better, two or four blades?  To make the question more complex, RakonHeli has recently complicated the issue with a three-bladed prop for the Whoop.  It’s

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Rakonheli CNC Delrin and Carbon Fiber Upgrade Kit for Tiny Whoop / Blade Inductrix FPV

When it was announced I was very excited about the Rakonhelin Delrin & Carbon Fiber frame.  I’ve personally cracked two different stock Inductrix frames, and were it not for E6000 glue and a carbon fiber brace, I probably would be constantly be buying stock

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Tiny Whoop Flight Controllers Comparison

Oscar Liang put up a handy compassion and 1km high review of the different Third Party boards for the Tiny Whoop.  Worth a skim if you’re thinking of upgrading. Tiny Whoop Flight Controllers Comparison

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My Tiny Whoop Charging Station

(Blurry picture is blurry) So I received all the things yesterday.  I honestly think I’m (mostly) done spending money on the Inductrix, save for some replacement bits as things wear out. First, that E-Flite box is the Celectra 4-Port Charger,

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Push on prop fix

So I’ve had… a very, very bad run over the last few days when it comes to my Inductrix. My kid lost one of the screws for the inductrix while I was replacing the frame I’m having a lot of

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