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GetFPV / Lumenier’s Response to the FCC Fine

As some many may have heard, GetFPV / Lumenier was recently fined by the FCC.  This has caused no small amount of fear and consternation in the community, many of which are now once again wondering if they need a

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Do I Need a Amateur Radio License for FPV?

It almost always starts the same way: A novice enters the FPV community, and asks a well meaning question:  Why does this gear say I need a Ham radio license to operate it in the United States? This touches off a mild to

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A complete novice to electronics, drones, and pretty much all things RC with OCD has thrown himself head long into FPV freestyle and racing!

Currently crashing:
Custom Built Airblade Eclair V2 Lite
Custom Built Tiny Whoop on Acrowhoop V2 board.
Custom Built Tiny Whoop on Furibee F3 board
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Emax Babyhawk on a Carbonfiber Frame
TBS Vendetta V1