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Full Whoop Options

One question that comes up a lot for people wanting to get started with a Whoop is what all they need to get started.  The short version of what you will need to get in the air and flying FPV with

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Tiny Whoop Upgrades: Flight Controller Comparisons

When it comes to the Tiny Whoop, the stock Inductrix board is severely lacking.  This is especially true for pilots who really want to push the platform or themselves.  Thankfully the markets have responded, and there are a lot of options out

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Choosing a Remote

In some ways, choosing a remote will be the most important decision a pilot can and will make. It defines so much of what you can and cannot do with your quad, as well as how you do it.  While there

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A Literal String of Failures

I recently picked up the TBS Vendetta and oh man, it’s fun.  More machine than I can handle probably, but I’m determined. In the course of my first weekend flying it, I’ve managed to break six of the eight propellers.

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Lessons Learned: Inductrix FPV Teardown and Rebuild

On the Inductrix, especially for a novice flyer link myself, the most common damage piece is apparently the main frame which houses pretty much everything.  Now, thankfully for about $8 you can get a replacement part (and my local hobby shop stocks

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A complete novice to electronics, drones, and pretty much all things RC with OCD has thrown himself head long into FPV freestyle and racing!

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Custom Built Airblade Eclair V2 Lite
Custom Built Tiny Whoop on Acrowhoop V2 board.
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TBS Vendetta V1