Tiny Whoop Upgrades: Flight Controller Comparisons

When it comes to the Tiny Whoop, the stock Inductrix board is severely lacking.  This is especially true for pilots who really want to push the platform or themselves.  Thankfully the markets have responded, and there are a lot of options out there.  Below I’m going to list out several options.  Many of them I’ve not flown yet myself.  Come back to this post as I’ll try and update it frequently!

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What’s That Clicking Noise? Repairing a damaged JST Balance Plug

One of the resent lessons I learned with my Vendetta was to make sure that the JST balance plug on my battery is secured to the battery itself.

How did I learn this little lesson?  Oh simple…

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Choosing a Remote

In some ways, choosing a remote will be the most important decision a pilot can and will make. It defines so much of what you can and cannot do with your quad, as well as how you do it.  While there are cheap options out there, in many cases I don’t recommend them.

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A Literal String of Failures

I recently picked up the TBS Vendetta and oh man, it’s fun.  More machine than I can handle probably, but I’m determined.

In the course of my first weekend flying it, I’ve managed to break six of the eight propellers.  I felt like I should do “something” with them though.  And that’s when it dawned on me.

Behold – my string of failures.

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Do I Need a Amateur Radio License for FPV?

It almost always starts the same way: A novice enters the FPV community, and asks a well meaning question:  Why does this gear say I need a Ham radio license to operate it in the United States?

This touches off a mild to severe argument, with both sides citing laws and precedent.  But, what’s the real answer?

Disclaimer before I go forward: I am not a lawyer, nor providing legal advice.  What I am is mildly obsessive and lawful neutral, so I’ve done my best to research this out.  This is the fruits of this research.  If you have any contrary information that you can cite, please contact me.

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Two, Three, or Four Blade Tiny Whoop Propellers: What’s Best (With Numbers!)

One of the hot button issues in the Tiny Whoop community has always been: What’s better, two or four blades?  To make the question more complex, RakonHeli has recently complicated the issue with a three-bladed prop for the Whoop.  It’s a question that’s got militant supporters on all sides, and until recently there wasn’t really much in the way of empirical evidence.

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Rakonheli CNC Delrin and Carbon Fiber Upgrade Kit for Tiny Whoop / Blade Inductrix FPV


My whoop in its Delrin frame

When it was announced I was very excited about the Rakonhelin Delrin & Carbon Fiber frame.  I’ve personally cracked two different stock Inductrix frames, and were it not for E6000 glue and a carbon fiber brace, I probably would be constantly be buying stock frames.

But the brace is a bit clunky in the way – it just slips on – and I wanted a cleaner build.  So when I see this thing, I think that this looks great. The frame, according to Rakonheli, looks only to be about a gram heavier than stock and so I wouldn’t be gaining that much weight over my CF brace.  And while I’d been interested in their aluminum ones, I also have heard stories of them being very prone to bending on crashes.

So everyone knows – I purchased this on my own via Heli-Nation.  Twice.

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Tiny Whoop Flight Controllers Comparison

Oscar Liang put up a handy compassion and 1km high review of the different Third Party boards for the Tiny Whoop.  Worth a skim if you’re thinking of upgrading.
Tiny Whoop Flight Controllers Comparison

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My Tiny Whoop Charging Station

(Blurry picture is blurry)

So I received all the things yesterday.  I honestly think I’m (mostly) done spending money on the Inductrix, save for some replacement bits as things wear out.

First, that E-Flite box is the Celectra 4-Port Charger, and is one of the three best options out there for multi-battery charging, and probably the best for a novice.  It’s unreasonably bulky because it’s designed to use 4 D-Cell batteries or an optional (as in not included) AC adapter.  However, the thing is fast, charges the ports independently, and even actually got my E-Flite battery that wasn’t taking a charge to work.  And while at first I was frustrated with the size of the box, the fact my FPV monitor sits perfectly on top of it for charging is great.

Second, I’ve now got what I hope is enough batteries to get me through the winter.  Six Nitro Nectar batteries give me enough juice to fly around the house for about a half hour.  On top of that these things give WAY more punch than my old batteries did.

Third update for flight stuff today (as I won’t be flying at lunch) – I gave the wife a spin on this yesterday.  Much like myself, she had a lot of difficulties flying LOS, but with a bit of coaching she was able to start zipping around the living room a bit more.

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Push on prop fix

So I’ve had… a very, very bad run over the last few days when it comes to my Inductrix.

  • My kid lost one of the screws for the inductrix while I was replacing the frame
  • I’m having a lot of issues with the new frame, which are largely my own doing, I admit.
  • Stock frames are non existent right now.
  • Finding the screws from point 1 was also really difficult (you have to order the canopy kit… yeesh).

So, last night though I finally get things settled and set (mostly), go to take off… and my props go flying more than the quad.


Thankfully, the Tiny Whoop facebook group had a solution for what I was certain is a common problem. It turns out there are two solutions for when the prop on a micro-quad won’t stay on:

The Super Glue Trick (See video, above)

  1. Take a small pin and put a dab of superglue on it.
  2. Smear the glue around the inside of entrance to the hole in the prop.
  3. Wait for the glue to dry.
  4. Prop is ready to re-insert.

The Dental Floss Trick

  1. Thread some dental floss through the prop.  I suspect waxed would work better.
  2. Fit the prop to the motor shaft.
  3. Trim excess.

The dental floss trick seems like it will be better for “need to fly now” type scenarios, and quite frankly given the fragility of super glue some days may be longer lasting.  However, the trimming step, especially under the prop, seems more difficult.

I also wonder about simply pushing the motor shaft into wax (say a crown or candle) to give a bit more friction.
Push on prop fix

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