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Luggage and LiPos: Flying Safe and With Less Hassle

This has come up a lot lately because of holiday travel, but is a frequent question:  How does one travel via airplane (from here on out, I’m just going to say fly) with their drone batteries? The short version is:

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Eachine E013 “Small Pepper” Review

So my kids have been begging to Whoop, and who am I to say no? I’m a dad, that’s who. But then I found the Eachine E013 “Small Pepper” on Banggood and I figured at the sale price of under

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Race Day Safety Tip (from MultiGP Drone Racing Community)

Ever seen a pilot lose video in a race and not disarm? How about a pilot trying to save a quad that just bounced off the start/finish gate? Where’s their quad going to go? A quad moving at 60mph covers

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What’s That Clicking Noise? Repairing a damaged JST Balance Plug

One of the resent lessons I learned with my Vendetta was to make sure that the JST balance plug on my battery is secured to the battery itself. How did I learn this little lesson?  Oh simple…

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Choosing a Remote

In some ways, choosing a remote will be the most important decision a pilot can and will make. It defines so much of what you can and cannot do with your quad, as well as how you do it.  While there

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