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Tell Me I’m Wrong

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GetFPV / Lumenier’s Response to the FCC Fine

As some many may have heard, GetFPV / Lumenier was recently fined by the FCC.  This has caused no small amount of fear and consternation in the community, many of which are now once again wondering if they need a

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Luggage and LiPos: Flying Safe and With Less Hassle

This has come up a lot lately because of holiday travel, but is a frequent question:  How does one travel via airplane (from here on out, I’m just going to say fly) with their drone batteries? The short version is:

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Eachine E013 “Small Pepper” Review

So my kids have been begging to Whoop, and who am I to say no? I’m a dad, that’s who. But then I found the Eachine E013 “Small Pepper” on Banggood and I figured at the sale price of under

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Race Day Safety Tip (from MultiGP Drone Racing Community)

Ever seen a pilot lose video in a race and not disarm? How about a pilot trying to save a quad that just bounced off the start/finish gate? Where’s their quad going to go? A quad moving at 60mph covers

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The Return of NewBeeDrone

On May 1st, a beloved staple and innovator of the Tiny Whoop community, NewBeedrone, made its return after its surprising 1 year anniversary sale at the end of March that also turned into a sort of “going out of business” sale

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Review: Furibee F3 Controller with Integrated FrSky Flight Reciever Part II: The Revenge!

Because I’m cantankerous some times, I just didn’t like leaving this board sitting by the wayside.  The first thing I wanted to do was get off of Cleanflight and on to Betaflight.  From there, my plan was to copy the

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Whoop Mullet Canopy Review: The Arts And Crafts Canopy

A few weeks ago, someone pointed me towards this forum post on Micro Motor Warehouse which had a new, vacuum formed mullet canopy for Whoops. Being curious, I offered to test on an Acrowhoop board and while he didn’t need that,

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Review: Furibee F3 Controller with Integrated FrSky Flight Reciever from GearBest

So a few weeks ago, I inadvertently let the magic smoke out of my Acrowhoop V2 board. Miffed as I was, I saw this as an opportunity to check out the FuriBee F3 32-bit Brushed Flight Controller. At the time, I

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Full Whoop Options

One question that comes up a lot for people wanting to get started with a Whoop is what all they need to get started.  The short version of what you will need to get in the air and flying FPV with

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