Race Day Safety Tip (from MultiGP Drone Racing Community)

Ever seen a pilot lose video in a race and not disarm? How about a pilot trying to save a quad that just bounced off the start/finish gate?

Where’s their quad going to go? A quad moving at 60mph covers 88ft. in one second. Have you been to a local race where all people in attendance (and 80% of their vehicles) weren’t within 88ft of the track? Even if you’re actually watching it, your chance of ducking a quad headed for you at that speed is sketchy at best. 

Take precautions! Protection is cheap. Take a cue from baseball fields and put some bird netting in your race day pop-up tent bag. Attach it to the front of your tent. As long as pilots and spectators are not behind a safety barrier they are in danger.

For one tent:


For the flight line:


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2 comments on “Race Day Safety Tip (from MultiGP Drone Racing Community)
  1. nyxecigsblog says:

    I read about it. It sounds great too. I took part in drone racing from last 1 year. It’s awesome game. Everyone enjoy this game. There are so many companies who arrange drone racing game. Now a days, drone racing trend is growing and so many competition arranged every year.


    • QuadCrash says:

      It’s actually pretty timely you commented on this. I was in a race this weekend that actually had netting. It was mostly micros and small prop 4s, but still was around a very crowded venue. A 2S 2″ micro hit a pole and flew up and over into the crowd. Could have been VERY dangerous. After the race, one of the pilots began power diving back into the netted area. If he had been off just a few feet due to the breeze, he could have hit people quite easily.


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