Review: Furibee F3 Controller with Integrated FrSky Flight Reciever Part II: The Revenge!

Because I’m cantankerous some times, I just didn’t like leaving this board sitting by the wayside.  The first thing I wanted to do was get off of Cleanflight and on to Betaflight.  From there, my plan was to copy the settings for the Acrowhoop and start from there.


Betaflight was the most challenging bit.  A bit of searching and I landed on this post.  In short, the target is SPRACING F3 and the big trick is that you need a baud rate of 115200.  Thankfully, no bootloader shorting required.  Just plug and wipe.

After that, I configured the board up nearly identical to my Acrowhoop V2, especially in regards to tuning which were pretty much stock anyway.  What I did end up needing to do was adjust the motor_pwm_rate.  On my Acrowhoop, it’s set to 16000.  On the initial setup for this board though, following advice from another source, I set it to 32000.  This… was not pleasant.  When I tried the 16000 pwm rate, I did notice a marked improvement.  After playing around a while, I noticed that I at least had a lot better flying out of it with 8000.

Current Feeling About this Board

It flies, a hell of a lot better.  I did once swap around the boards and the Acrowhoop V2 does a lot better on the same hardware, but this still does the job, and does it OK.  Telemetry took some tweaking, but it does the job I want it to.  In all, it’s not a favored whoop, but I’ve decided to leave it, the batteries & charger with the Picoblade 1.25 JST  plugs at my office.  This way if I want to fly something with less power than the Acrowhoop (say in office) I’ve already got it here.



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