Whoop Mullet Canopy Review: The Arts And Crafts Canopy

A few weeks ago, someone pointed me towards this forum post on Micro Motor Warehouse which had a new, vacuum formed mullet canopy for Whoops. Being curious, I offered to test on an Acrowhoop board and while he didn’t need that, he did offer to send me some.

A few exchanges, a bit of money, and I find myself in possession of a new mullet canopy, sort of.

Three white whoop canopies that haven't been cut out yet.

Some Assembly Required (photo not mine)

So I sat down and started trimming with my hand hobby knife and small pair of scissors

I didn’t do a picture of this (I’ll try and add one later), but one thing I did was left most the rear of this in tact, and instead punched a small hole for the dipole whip antenna to get out the rear.  This adds support for the dipole whip inside the canopy.

I used a needle to start the holes for the screws.  The screws are then in the camera mount, and then finally in the frame itself.

All total, weight wasn’t that different with the Tiny Whoop canopy I’ve been using.

The real test is in the impact, and after about seven packs it is still on pretty solid.  I may take this one off and trim up a second one a bit better for use, as I know there’s still surplus plastic tucked inside it.  What I really do like is this very much helps with wire management inside the canopy, making it easier to attach and remove.  While I do have to remove the canopy to get access to the board, I do so very rarely so it’s not much an issue.

If you want one, they’re pretty cheap on eBay.  Just check out viperjet90’s seller profile here.  Price is $8.50 for two or for for $12.50.

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