Review: Furibee F3 Controller with Integrated FrSky Flight Reciever from GearBest


So a few weeks ago, I inadvertently let the magic smoke out of my Acrowhoop V2 board. Miffed as I was, I saw this as an opportunity to check out the FuriBee F3 32-bit Brushed Flight Controller. At the time, I only paid about $20 for it and figured at the worst, I’ll get annoyed with it and buy a new Acrowhoop or a Beecore.

Please note that this is not a review copy.  I paid for this thing with my own money.

So the upsides:

Anything from China can be a crap shoot on getting it here, especially if you’re like me and hate paying more than $2 shipping.  I actually ordered this from GearBest as well as some props from Banggood about the same time (I actually ordered from Banggood the day before).   It took about 11 days for me to get the board, and arrived in surprisingly good condition.

I’m still waiting on my props from Banggood.


The board comes with a power cord (not attached), screws, and four rather large foam vibration grommets.  When I went to attach my Micro-JST plug though, the problems began.

See that photo?  That’s not entirely accurate but it does well enough to convey the point:  The power supply for this is in a very inconvenient spot.  I do like that it’s not right by the the USB port like it is on the AcroWhoop but it is in a place where my mullet mod camera mount fits.  Thankfully I have a second camera and mount that does fit OK.  I’m also not sure how I feel about this one, but those points are pads, not holes.

Pre-Flight Work

After I had everything soldered up, assembled, and actually remembered to hook my motors up it was time to go fidget with it on the PC.  I’ll “mea culpa” here and say I just flat dropped all my CLI settings from my old Acrowhoop backup into the stock cleanflight configuration.  Had I not done this, I imagine I could have saved myself a LOT of headache.  Once I got my own foolishness fixed, and adjusted my endpoints on the Taranis I was good to go.

During all that process, I discovered two major “flaws” for me on the Furibee.  The first is that the USB port on that thing is TIGHT.  As in I had to screw it back in on the back after removing it tight.  But the real problem, and the ultimate downfall of the board, was that it suffers from near by range issues that I guess a lot of people have with FrSky products.  I’m guessing the little antenna just doesn’t have the receive power I need and it will failsafe out constantly.   Within 30 seconds of a test flight around my living room, the whoop landed and landed hard.

Still to Do

I want to try and get Betaflight on it at some point, strictly because I can.  I may also still muck with it some and see if I can’t get it working still.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll get antsy and replace its antenna and see if that helps.  I know that windows has issues detecting the proper driver for it, so I expect that to be another long term challenge.

Final Thoughts

Invest in a better board is really what it comes down to for me.  There are a lot of good, third party options out there and I just haven’t enjoyed this one as much as others.

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