Tiny Whoop Upgrades: Flight Controller Comparisons

When it comes to the Tiny Whoop, the stock Inductrix board is severely lacking.  This is especially true for pilots who really want to push the platform or themselves.  Thankfully the markets have responded, and there are a lot of options out there.  Below I’m going to list out several options.  Many of them I’ve not flown yet myself.  Come back to this post as I’ll try and update it frequently!

All in One Options

Board Picture Processor Advertised Weight Supported Protocols Notes
Acrowhoop V2  acro-ver2  F3

MPU 6000

  •  FrSky Only
  • USB on top
  • Full telemetry
  • Theoretically 1 km Range
  • Older model had severe range issues
BeeBrain  beebrain-1-2  F1

MPU 6500


3.37g with hardware*

  • DSMX
  • FrSky


  • V1 version has fragile motor ports
  • V1.2 has stronger motor mounts, but is currently FrSky Only
  • USB on bottom
BeeCore  beecore  F3

MPU 6500

  • DSM2 (PPM)
  • FlySky (PPM)
  • FrSky (SBUS)
  • Chineese manufacturer, but often imported and resold
  • USB on side
  • Only native FlySky Compatible FC
    • Not AFHDS 2A, thus not Turnigy Evolution
FuriBee F3  furibee-f3  F3

MPU 6050

  •  FrSky (SBUS)
  • FlySky AFHDS-2A (SBUS)
  • USB on top
  • Potentially awkward power placement
  • Weird hole in the middle
  • FlySky on preorder.
  • Only AIO that supports Turnigy Evolution at this time
  • SBUS entries are a guess, product description says Serial
  • FrSky may support telemetry
  • FlySky does not support “data return” (telemetry)
QUEEN SP Racing F3 EVO  queen-spr-f3  F3

MPU 6050

  •  FrSky (PPM)

Receiverless Options

Board Picture Processor Advertised Weight Notes
Eachine Tiny F3 Brushed Flight Control  eaching-tiny-f3-brushless  F3

MPU 6500

  •  Awkwardly small. Installation may be difficult
  • USB on side
Nuke Brushed Micro Controller  nuke-1  F3  1.9g
  •  USB on side

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4 comments on “Tiny Whoop Upgrades: Flight Controller Comparisons
  1. fadrick says:

    Between acrowhoop v2 and furibee f3 which one best for tiny whoop ! Besides I have taranis Q X7 tranmitter . So what you suggest because I’m new with its! Very hard to chose !


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