A Literal String of Failures

I recently picked up the TBS Vendetta and oh man, it’s fun.  More machine than I can handle probably, but I’m determined.

In the course of my first weekend flying it, I’ve managed to break six of the eight propellers.  I felt like I should do “something” with them though.  And that’s when it dawned on me.

Behold – my string of failures.

This isn’t so much a project of self derision, but one so I can track my progress and remember how far I’ve come.  I mean, I’ve learned a lot just even in the period of these four.

  • I’ve learned way more soldering & electronics
  • I’ve learned to plug your motors in before you plug your battery in on your acrowhoop
  • I’ve learned a good community is worth it’s weight in gold
  • I’ve learned how to fix a broken balance plug on a 4S battery
  • I’ve learned to secure the balance plug on a 4S battery
  • I’ve learned what that rattling sound on takeoff was

Story Time

OK – that last one is really good, actually.  So after I broke those props I spent some time on the drone.  Upgraded it to the latest BetaFlight TBS pushes and set up all my switches the way I like them.  This included an arm/disarm switch.

I picked myself up a set of 5040 propellers and was able to get myself up in the air.  Unfortunately, I was in a mode I’m not used to flying, and as my quad flew towards me (intended) it sailed past me (unintended) across the street (bad) towards my house (very bad).

Thankfully, I had the wherewithal to hit disarm and the motors went all stop.  There was just enough inertia to carry it across the street and down into the bushes in front of my window.

All that is to say: Failures are only failures if you don’t learn from them.  So that lesson?  Always have an easy disarm option!

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